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Testimonial #2


November 30, 2009


From a supplier perspective, the entire team at Midwestern Plumbing service is highly professional. Whether dealing with their purchasing agents, estimators, or accountants, you can tell they run a tight ship. Their purchasing department is highly structured and organized to minimize unnecessary movement of product and needless delays in payment. Their estimating and project management crews are very detailed in their work to ensure a quality outcome. Of course, payment is of key importance to a supplier, and none is better at ensuring accurate and timely payment. Midwestern Plumbing Service sets a very professional, high bar for contractors.


John S. Cain


Wiseway Supply

Testimonial #1


August 25, 2010




Tom impressed me in the times he’s helped me out but in his recent work involving a homeowner he got some major kudos! She was just so impressed with his knowledge, his friendliness, his professionalism & the fact he took his time to do it right! She asked me to pass this along to you, so you know what a “keeper” you’ve got in Tom! Please share this message to him as well!


Lydia K. Donovan

Market Manager

Fox Hollow Homes

Testimonial #3



Your crew showed up this morning, and I feel the need to write and give my feedback on them. After speaking with Gino and Pete for just a couple minutes, my wife commented to me that they were "a few steps above" the service people we're used to dealing with. I have coordinated millions of dollars of construction and repair projects at large hospitals and I have to agree with my wife - Gino and Pete are the kinds of workers that reflect extremely well on an organization.

They know their jobs very well, and they can communicate with the customer – neither of which are very common. When they encountered some unexpected challenges they adapted and came up with a good solution end didn't take advantage of me financially,

We are extremely pleased with the quality and timeliness of their work and we will definitely spread the word about Midwestern Plumbing.


Thank you for exceeding our expectations.



James C. Larson

MedPractice Solutions

Testimonial #4


Dear plumbers:


We just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the work you did for us. (December 20, 2004 invoice date; job work order #9161). We had a leak in our supply water line from the meter to the house, and after digging where we thought we had found the leak and finding nothing, Brian (and Kevin) returned to replace the entire line. The job went well after dark, and after the new line was connected, a leak was discovered in the line form the meter to the barn. It was a frustrating job, and the second day Brian came, the temperature was single digits.

During the entire job, Brian was professional and respectful, answering our questions and explaining what he was doing. And the long hours and the cold weather didn’t stop him. We feel confident that the line will serve well for many years. And we will certainly recommend you to our friends or neighbors.



Peyton & Mary Louise Reed

Testimonial #5


On April 7th, Ken Zieglar came to Calvary Church of Hamilton to install a new backwater valve to prevent future sewage backups. As Calvary Trustees in charge of such projects, we just wanted to report on Ken’s exemplary work. He manually hammered through a four inch concrete floor and had to dig at least three feet down to find the sewage line. That amount of work could have easily taken two average workmen a whole day to accomplish, but Ken did it in just a few hours. He expertly concreted the work area as well as a few other small areas with the extra cement. He cleaned up the entire area thoroughly, spending extra time many technicians would not have bothered to do. Overall, Ken was very professional and should be commended for a job very well done.


Thanks to you and your company,

Calvary Church Trustees

Testimonial #6



I would like to compliment you and your crew; Ken, Kevin, Gino and Pete. Everyone did a fantastic job and believe me when I say I did not want to see another service truck in our driveway after all we had endured through the summer. John, you identified our problems completely and sent Ken to pinpoint the exact areas. Kevin, Gino and Pete were very patient and respectful in explaining what they were doing. We also had painters working while the crew was here. They commented on the professional attitude and diligence of your employees. Thanks for a job well done.



Dolly Dolle

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